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A Very Brief History of the Double Headed Donkey

No one really knows the exact year the double headed donkey was established. As a company, we put our heads together and came up with the mid to late 90’s. Yes, that’s right, the double headed donkey is that old. It is even officially trademarked!  As one of the founders of the company writing this, I can attest to the fact we used to mountain bike a lot during that time. Driving from place to place in the Northeast, mountain bike racing as twenty somethings. We thought it was hilarious that our motto was “If you’re not pushing it, you’re pulling it”. We lettered our vehicles, sold PUSH Apparel tee shirts out of our trucks at races and utilized the best form of advertising at the time: an ad in the back of Bicycling magazine. While advertising has changed drastically,  the meaning of the donkey has not. There has always been two sides to every story.  And if you took it too far, no matter what side you were on, you were a jackass. We all know that still holds true.

What is new for PUSH Apparel is our e-commerce site that is approaching the 1 year old mark. Magazine ads have been replaced with a relentless race to get noticed on social media. This brand has been a great adventure of creativity and fun. This history of PUSH Apparel is brief because we are just getting started. We look forward to continuing this journey because we LOVE what we do. 

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