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The Great Slogan Debate

First and foremost, PUSH Apparel is a creative company. We have been decorating apparel since 1991, so creativity runs through our blood. We focus on colors, textures, the feel of a garment. We love fabric blends and figuring out the best way to decorate them. Our playground consists of inks, threads, textiles, laser appliqués, foils, sequences and patterns. But we find ourselves in a world where people want things to have meaning. So the great slogan debate began. We started out long ago with our slogan being “If you’re not pushing it, you’re pulling it.” While this gives us a chuckle, there seems to be a limited demographic who responds to this these days. So we dropped the word “it”. Still, “If you’re not pushing, you’re pulling” left us feeling blah and open ended. We have settled on “Two sides to every story.” While we are not looking to take sides we felt this is the best “meaning” of the double headed donkey. It offers us a great platform to play upon and you can see in the descriptions of our works of art (shirts).  And let’s face it, we live in a world where so many want to argue about “their side.” At PUSH Apparel, we have grown from disagreement and failure. We execute creativity with debate, discussion and passion to determine our next project. Despite our best efforts we sometimes fail in our product or design decisions. But we don’t blame each other. We come back together and do it all over again.
In all honesty, it’s a double headed donkey. It structurally makes no sense. It means nothing or whatever you want it to mean. What we hope for at PUSH Apparel, is you take a ride on this creative journey with us, have a few smiles and laughs along the way and embrace all sides of life. Because we all know there are really more than two side to every story.
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