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Two Sides to Every Story, Politics or Toilet Paper?

The title of this blog seems so simple, yet perception is quite complicated. We all have different experiences in life, some good, some bad, some horrific and some fantastic. Life is an intricate journey that will create ones’ own reality. What are the two sides? You tell us.
Is it about toilet paper? Does the dangling end go over the top? Or does it pull out from the bottom? 
Is it about food? What is better with chicken wings? Ranch or Blue Cheese? 
Is it about sports and the great rivalries that exist. Yankess and Red Sox in baseball, Michigan and Ohio state in college football, the Lakers and the Celtics in basketball 
Or maybe its about politics. The battle over immigration or abortion. Both so complicated yet we feel we can solve them with a 2 sentence meme on social media. Because we picked a side.
Humans have taken sides over many issues for centuries and killed millions of each other in the process fighting over “their side”
We say lighten up. Two sides exist together whether you like it or not. Live with it, embrace it, laugh at it. The double headed donkey does.
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